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We have ONE real mission,... that is to help children and families in the places we ride, run, explore, bike,.. whether we are buying food for the food bank, supplies for school kids, playgrounds for kids to just be kids,... our ONE real mission is accomplished with your help!,.. with your help we can have a positive ripple effect!.

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Our Mission

Thanks to our donors and sponsors we are"

* sponsoring the Kayenta Suicide Prevention Walk

* Donating over 42 care packages for foster kids on the reservation.

* preparing to build another playground!

Feeding people in need for Christmas!

Preparing for another playground project!

 Lost for a Reason.org was founded as a way to say THANK YOU to the children and families on the Navajo reservation,...for the use of the land,..to ride, to run,..to explore!.. a way to help children and famiies in need! We listen to the families and we do our best to fill whatever needs they have from personal items,..to playgrounds!

 You can join in to help us in MANY WAYS!, you can support us financially, you can purchase fundraising items at shop.lostforareason.org,... and you can volunteer to work on our next work project on the reservation!

 K B C Remodel Service llc. of Boulder, Colorado in the spirit of paying it forward,.. has donated the original $3,000 that it took to get Lost for a Reason up and running!,.. A boulder based company with a desire to give back! www.kbcremodelservice.com

Meet Our Team

Ron Grace

Co Founder of LFAR , carpenter .PM for KBC. ADV rider.

  • ADABI gets a new playground!
  • Tohdenassai Shelter Home repairs!
  • Manuelito Children's Home!
  • Fundraiser rides!

Hope in Action

JJ Lewis

Director of local events on the Navajo reservation,..JJ works directly with the children and families every day. He has a big heart for helping people!

Mark Levesque

Co founder of LFAR, President of KBC, avid ocean kyaker and triathalon racer

  • Raising money for families who are saddened by SIDS!,.. The Great Australian Ride!
  • Bikers helping families in need in Nigeria!,. Eagle Riders MC!
  • Service work and great rides!... Cannonball Charity Rides
  • Clean drinking water for Benin Africa!... Friends and Bikers for Africa!