Corporate sponsorship


If you represent a corporation / business and wish to sponsor LFAR and the work we are doing on the Navajo reservation,... THAT'S FANTASTIC!

Just a few small requests,...

1) Please provide us with brochures and decals to include in our packaging to promote your company.

2) Please provide us with graphics if you would like to have your company name displayed on the LFAR trailer and trucks as a sponsor.

3) Please provide us with a Vector file or PDF for marketing purposes.

4) If donating products, please provide us with a retail value receipt so that we can give you a receipt for tax purposes.

5) Please use the Business Monthly Support PayPal button below, or contact Ron Grace at

Sponsorship options:

A: cash donation B: products

We are really grateful for either type of support! When companies donate products, we use them as fundraiser items for rides or online raffles or raffles at motorcycle events! In return we try our best to promote the donating companies and thank them on our website and other social media!

     Co promotion promotes goodwill in the industry and helps your bottom line. More importantly it allows us to continue our work for the children and families on the Navajo reservation!

    If you represent a company and wish to use the Business Monthly Support option,.. please subscribe  using the Paypal button below!..  If you wish to donate products and showcase them on our site,.. please contact Ron Grace at

Lost For A Helping Children And Families in Need

* we are a 501c3 organization in good standing. We gratefully accept tax deductible donations in addition to cash donations. We use donated products to offer as raffle items for fundraising.

    Contact us today and let's see how we can help EACHOTHER!...

Sponsors and partners!

Thank you to all!,...

 Thanks to our sponsors!

   We couldn't stay on the road without our FANTASTIC sponsors !

Please feel free to contact them by clicking on their company logos below!